Honoring the Heroes: Exploring the Indiana War Memorial

The Indiana War Memorial is a monument located in the center of Indianapolis, Indiana, built to commemorate the veterans of the First World War. On July 4, 1927, General 'Blackjack' Pershing himself laid the foundation stone of this monument, which was crafted by stone cutters and artisans from the six main countries that fought in World War I (the United States, the United Kingdom, France, Belgium, Serbia and Italy).The Indiana War Memorial Square is an urban monument that frequently hosts civic events and military services, such as national commemorations of Memorial Day, Independence Day, and Veterans Day. It is often considered one of Indiana's best-kept secrets and is a recognized symbol of downtown Indianapolis. This war memorial project is the largest in the United States, covering 24 acres (9.7 ha).Above the main level is the Sanctuary Room, almost a double vertical cube, 34 m (110 ft) high and 18 m (60 ft) on the side.

The walls of this room are made of American pavonazzo marble and bear the names of all Hoosiers who fought in World War I. On the east and west sides are paintings by Walter Bayer. Surrounding the room is a plaster frieze by sculptor Frank Jirouch depicting the events of World War I. At the center of this space is an Altar of Consecration, flanked in the corners by cauldrons on tripods. Above this altar hangs a gigantic American flag measuring 17 feet (5.2 m) by 30 feet (9.1 m), with a Star of Destiny made of Swedish crystal above it. The Pro Patria statue stands on the southern steps of the monument.

This statue communicates its Latin meaning: “For The Country”. The monument also has three meeting rooms on its main floor which were originally named in honor of General George Patton, General Douglas MacArthur and Admiral Chester Nimitz. In addition to honoring those who fought in World War I, it also provides a glimpse into Indiana's military history through its Museum and Eli Lilly Civil War Exposition. The names of all Indianaans who died or disappeared in combat during World War II, Korea and Vietnam are also listed. The Indiana War Memorial is a powerful reminder of those who have served our country and made great sacrifices for our freedom. It stands as a testament to their courage and bravery and serves as a place to honor their memory.

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