Honoring Victims of Poverty in Indianapolis

The Indiana State Soldiers and Sailors Monument is an awe-inspiring 86.72 m (284 ft 6 in) tall neoclassical structure located in Monument Circle, a circular plaza paved with bricks in the center of the state capital. This monument was built as a result of the efforts of veterans like Langsdale, who wanted to commemorate their service in a prominent place. Despite some opposition from Civil War veterans who argued that money should be used to help the living instead, the 65-foot-tall Indianapolis monument was just the highlight of the monument building movement, which left many cemeteries and squares around the state with less ostentatious monuments, often a simple well or a lone soldier. In order to honor those affected by poverty, living monuments will be erected on the grounds of the Soldiers and Sailors Monument, in Monument Circle, in downtown Indianapolis. Thanks to the efforts of public officials active in the Ku Klux Klan in 1928, the monument was moved to Garfield Park to make it more visible.

When laying the foundation stone in 1889, Langsdale said that the monument “will testify to all who see it that the brightest page in the history of the state is the record of its value, and that it will never be forgotten. The city of Indianapolis has taken several steps to recognize those affected by poverty. A committee has been established to identify potential sites for monuments dedicated to victims of poverty. The committee is also responsible for selecting an artist or sculptor to create a design for each monument and raising funds for each monument. In addition, a fund has been established to provide financial assistance for those affected by poverty.

This fund is used to provide food, clothing, and other necessities for those in need. The city also provides job training and educational opportunities for those affected by poverty. The city has also taken steps to ensure that those affected by poverty are not forgotten. A memorial garden dedicated to victims of poverty has been established on Monument Circle and includes a plaque honoring those who have been affected by poverty. The city of Indianapolis has taken meaningful steps to recognize those affected by poverty and ensure that they are not forgotten. By dedicating monuments and establishing funds and memorial gardens, Indianapolis is showing its commitment to helping those affected by poverty.

Cédric Stimson
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