The Indiana War Memorial: A Monument to Honor Allied Nations

The Indiana War Memorial is a renowned symbol of downtown Indianapolis, often referred to as one of Indiana's best-kept secrets. On July 4, 1927, the foundation stone of the monument was laid after World War I, to attract Indianapolis to the newly created National Headquarters of the American Legion. The monument is a neoclassical design made with authentic Indiana limestone and stands 110 feet tall. It is dedicated to the six main countries that fought in the First World War: the United States, the United Kingdom, France, Belgium, Serbia and Italy.

Inside the room are other flags representing other countries that provided service members for the First World War efforts. The walls of the Sanctuary Room are adorned with 24 deep red pillars to symbolize the blood shed by our soldiers and a carved frieze in the room represents the story of the Great War. The Pro Patria statue, located on the southern steps of the monument, aptly conveys everything that the monument stands for, with its Latin meaning: “For the country”. Today, the monument provides a glimpse into the history of Indiana veterans, of all of the conflicts in their museum, and of the glamour of post-war architecture, as presented at the Pershing Auditorium. No state has a city with more monuments devoted to veterans than Indiana's capital city, and no city in America has more area dedicated to veterans than Indianapolis. The Congressional Gold Medal is on display at the Indiana War Memorial Museum, at the USS Indianapolis Exposition.

This week in 1863, General John Hunt Morgan led his Confederate soldiers to southern Indiana, in the largest Indiana incursion during the Civil War. From top employers to premier nightlife spots, Life in Indy is your comprehensive guide to everything Indianapolis has to offer. In accordance with Indiana's mandate on face coverings, visitors must wear a face covering inside the Indiana War Memorial and Museum.

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